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Thu, May 28, 2015

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Red's ticket sweeps, will control PA

Red O'Brien
Red's ticket sweeps, will control PA
   Back on April 11th I wrote a column entitled “Don’t underestimate Red, packs em’ in at rally."
   After District Judge Alex Kokura-Kravitz narrowly beat Red for a Democratic nod by a mere six votes I also wrote that machine politics is dead with the exception of Red O’Brien’s machine. My analysis of that was Red spent about 39 cents on the election while Kokura spent close to a hundred grand and Red still almost won.
   Well, the same thing could be said about this past school board race where Red’s ticket who spent about 39 cents clobbered the ACE Team consisting of Sciandra, Ricotta, Bobbouine, Breimier and Gorzskowski who spent probably close to 30 grand. Ricotta did win a Democratic nod. Will have more on that in a bit. It should be noted while Sciandra and Bobbouinne lost Democratic nods, both won a Republican nod. More on the in the weeks to come. Read More ...
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