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Thu, Oct 08, 2015

Stankus says Garden Village off to a Rocky Start

Stankus says Garden Village off to a Rocky Start

District Justice Joe Carmody (left) swears in Barry Stankus, Barry Hosier, Pete Musinksi & Brian Thornton
   Newly elected West Pittston Councilman Barry Stankus isn’t too pleased only a week after he took office.
   “They made the decision to appoint Brian Thornton Council President long before reorganization,” Stankus claimes.
   He said proof of this was that the agenda (click here to view) which was given to him in December, before the first meeting, had Thornton listed as “President.”
   Thornton was appointed President over Pete Albano by a vote of 4 to 3.  Along with Thornton, Pete Muzinski, Jim Rose and Pete Albano voted for Thornton.  Stankus, Barry Hosier and John Hood voted for Albano.
   Stankus also defended his and Barry Hosier’s no votes to reappoint Sovina Bonita as Boro Manager and Gene Pepe as Code Enforcement and Zoning officer noting,
   “This has nothing to do with the individuals.  I think these positions should be part-time, thus saving the borough money.”

Member Opinions:
By: themanager on 1/10/10
Isn't it funny that after all of the complaints about Mr.Pepe this year, our council votes him in for another year. I guess they like the fact that he gives everybody in town a hard time no matter how small the job is. Sure wish we had Gary Delsera back. He helped the people, not talk down to everyone. Then again, I was told it's not all his fault, He is told what to do, when to do it and who to do it to by our great and powerful Boro Manager. That's why we can't have him part time Barry. It's a full time job giving orders and crying about every little thing he doesn't like in town. It's nice to see that Councilman Hood still votes on each item separately and is not another "yes man". At least he's not alone now with Barry and Barry.

By: phdprof18643 on 1/11/10
Stankus knows better than that. Would he really expect the councilmen to make a snap decision at the meeting about who will serve as President? Imagine that...a bunch of councilmen who gave no thought to the matter prior to the meeting. There's not a council body anywhere who would or should do that. Did any of the Barry crew ever ask Albano if he wanted to be President? I doubt it! What a shady thing to do to the guy putting him on the spot like that at a public meeting...pretty low if you ask me.
And if Stankus was sincere about his new position, he would know that Pepe IS part time and always has been. He also works for Exeter.
I never heard Stankus or themanager crying foul when the previous borough manager, Rick Melvin, was full time.

By: Publis56 on 1/11/10
Barry should know better than to think everything would be to his liking right from the start. How short sighted is that. There will ALWAYS be conflicting sides and decent in any political arena. I hope that as this council settles into business that both sides listen to the taxpayers of West Pittston not their private agendas. If not it's up to us to let them know what we expect.

By: RSaunders on 1/11/10
phdprof - FYI, Melvin was never full time. He worked part time with no health benefits and was not included in the pension.

By: imtickedoff on 1/13/10
Thornton was still president of council as of that meeting, that's why he was addressed that way....1st meeting....are you kidding me?

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