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Sat, Aug 29, 2015

Judicial fodder with catchy campaign slogans

Judicial fodder with catchy campaign slogans

Rogers & Bufalino
   One of my favorite things during political season is observing the catchy slogans candidates come up with.
   For example, Annie Lokuta came up with “It’s time” (for a woman) when she ran for a seat on the bench – she won; Hugh Mundy used “Vote Mundy on Tuesday” – he won.
   This year we’re seeing some those slogans from two decades ago being recycled.
   For example Jenifer Rogers is using “Judge For Yourself.”  Charlie Bufalino used that in 1991 when he narrowly lost a Democratic nomination to Correale Stevens.  When Roger’s ran two years ago she use “No Strings Attached” which I kinda liked
   Former Luzerne County Democratic Chairman Mark Bufalino’s is recycling a tag line as well with “Check Mark” (he has a check mark within his logo).  Mark Ciavarella used this when he ran beat Joe Giovaninni.

Member Opinions:
By: pizzagirl on 3/12/11
J-ROD for judge would have been better...imo

she can still use it for a small finders fee :)

By: Ram1 on 3/12/11
Imagine using Ciavarella's slogan. The Shavertown Prince is a shoe-in for 15th place on the D and R slate, he's familiar with both sides.

By: M.Akesense on 3/14/11
Jennifer could use "Beauty will not be a Beast"

By: blondie on 3/16/11
Some one better "Check Mark's" stint as solicitor of Wyoming Boro!

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